The Truth About Whitening Treatments

It’s no secret that we all want that celebrity-like white smile, but how do we achieve this? Teeth whitening is a 1.4 billion dollar industry, but is it worth it? We are going to tell you the truth about whitening treatments with a Q & A.

Q: Can I keep my teeth white forever by abstaining from drinking coffee, red wine, etc.?

A: No. Although abstaining from these drinks will prevent staining, teeth get darker with age. This is a universal fact of biology and is unavoidable.

Q: I’ve tried whitening products, but nothing seems to work.

A: In order for any whitening treatment to work, your teeth must be healthy. Bleach will not work with a stain from major deposits caused because a patient has not brushed their teeth. This is why regular trips to the dentist are necessary in order to get white teeth.

Q: Whitening products hurt my teeth.

A: Whitening products could be hurting your teeth and gums because you are overdoing it. It may also be because your body is sensitive to the product you are using. If you are experiencing excruciating pain in one area, you may have a cavity. We recommend coming into the office for your whitening treatments so we can adjust the product and concentration for you.

Q: What at-home products do you recommend?

A: Crest Whitestrips seem to work the best based on what we’ve seen. However, be wary that these products will probably not work as fast as the products at the dental office. Mouthwashes and toothpastes do not seem to work as well, unless you are using them multiple times a day for months on end.

Q: How much do professional whitening treatments cost?

A: Professional whitening treatments vary depending on the type of treatments you choose. You can probably expect to pay plus or minus $500.

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