Too Much Of A Good Thing

We all know that you need to brush your teeth consistently for healthy teeth and gums, but can you brush too much? The answer is yes! Brushing your teeth too often can lead to sensitive teeth and a receding gum line, often referred to as toothbrush abrasion.

Think about it – toothbrush bristles are rounded when you first buy it, but once you use it the bristles wear away to expose the sharp nylon fibers. These fibers can gradually scrape away your gums, exposing the sensitive root area. Receding gums can also lead to other dental problems such as cavities on the roots of the teeth, which may need treatments such as fillings, root canals and tooth extraction. However, having the proper toothbrush can help prevent these problems.

Some toothbrush manufacturers are better than others about rounding the bristles, so be sure to buy a toothbrush made by a respected brand. Even if you buy a high quality toothbrush, be aware that the bristles can wear down quickly and this will not be visible by the naked eye. We recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months in order to avoid this problem.

In addition to your toothbrush, your technique can also contribute to toothbrush abrasion. Scrubbing your teeth hard is not necessary to remove plaque and can often do more harm than good. Apply just enough pressure to feel the bristles, but not so much that they are squished and become bent.

In conclusion, make sure you use a high quality toothbrush, replace it often, and use the proper technique to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

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