Eclectic vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Should you be using an electric or manual toothbrush? It really depends on each individual. We will help you go over the pros and cons of each, and who might benefit from either toothbrush.

First, we will start with the manual toothbrush.


  • Manual toothbrushes are fairly inexpensive and often free with every trip to the dentist.
  • The manual toothbrush is easy to transport, so if you are traveling you can easily pack it.
  • The manual toothbrush can clean your teeth thoroughly.
  • It is customizable, with many shapes, color, and styles to choose the best one for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about keeping up with batteries or charging your manual toothbrush.


  • There is no timer on a manual toothbrush, so you have to guess how long you have been brushing your teeth (two-minutes is recommended).
  • A manual toothbrush is more work than an electric toothbrush.

Now, we will take a look at the pros and cons of an electric toothbrush.


  • Ease of use. The electric toothbrush does all the work for you!
  • It also has a built in timer so the toothbrush stops after it has been going for two minutes.
  • Studies have shown that the electric toothbrush does have a slight advantage over the manual toothbrush in the removal of plaque.


  • Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual toothbrushes.
  • You have to either charge an electric toothbrush or replace the batteries.
  • Because electric toothbrushes have more pieces and parts, they can break easily.

So which toothbrush should you use? Studies have shown there is no significant difference between an eclectic or manual toothbrush for most people, but there are a few exceptions. Most children, for example, hate brushing their teeth. An electric toothbrush can help make this task more fun. Many children like the tickling sensation and of course less work! Electric toothbrushes can also benefit those with arthritis or any problem that makes brushing difficult. Other than that, Consumer Reports show that, unless you have a pre-existing dental problem, it really doesn’t matter what toothbrush you use. Happy brushing!

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