Time To Make Your Dental New Year’s Resolution

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in a new year, it’s time to think about those all too allusive New Year’s resolutions. I am sure you like many people remained firmly dedicated to your New Year’s resolutions in 2016, but now it’s a new year and time for a new resolution.

This year, instead of trying a big, time consuming resolution like trying to lose ten pounds, focus on something small and easy that will make just as big of an impact on your health. For 2017, we challenge you to floss everyday.

You may think that flossing everyday will not make a big impact on your health, but that is not true. In fact, flossing everyday can have a dramatic effect on your oral and overall health.

First and foremost, flossing is one of the best lines of defense to protect yourself from plaque and much more serious gum and tooth issues. Without flossing, plaque can build up, and when this occurs, the gums can become inflamed, leading to a condition known as gingivitis, and tooth decay can begin. Naturally then, flossing will also prevent cavities.

Second, in research performed at the New York University College of Dentistry, flossing has been shown to significantly reduce periodontal disease, as well as cavity-causing bacteria that leads to the plaque discussed earlier. The researchers found that by flossing everyday people will see a decrease in gingival bleeding and a decrease in microbial species associated with periodontal disease.

Finally, flossing will simply keep your teeth healthy and clean. As a result, your smile with stay merry and bright for the rest of the holiday season and all of 2017. Happy New Year and remember to floss!

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