Top 4 Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

First, while it may seem silly, appearance matters, and we should take pride in the way we look. While this may seem vain, it is important to realize it is okay to want to have a beautiful and complete smile. In fact, missing a tooth could have a negative impact on your long term self-esteem. It is not wrong to want to replace it for that reason.

The second reason is bone resorption, or bone loss as it is more commonly referred to. The absence of a tooth can cause the jawbone to deteriorate. It also causes the deterioration of the surrounding teeth. Overall, this loss of one tooth will change the shape of your face and lips. While one may first think it is only one tooth, the actual long term implications has an effect on your entire mouth and face.

Thirdly, not replacing a missing tooth leads to an increased risk for gum disease. This void where your tooth once was becomes an area built for trapping bad cavity-causing bacteria. Again, this can lead to bone decay in surrounding teeth.

Finally, the quality of your life will be affected. Simple things such as your ability to eat certain foods or to speak clearly could be taken away. Your teeth allow you to bite, chew, and tear into your food. Not having even one tooth can alter your ability to eat. This can lead to even further nutritional issues. Your teeth are also key to pronunciation and the formation of sounds. Missing a tooth can cause the sound of your words to change and there is even the potential of developing a lisp.

If you have any questions or concerns about a missing tooth, please contact your dentist. They will be happy to answer any questions, or even assist you in making your decision.

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