How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Taking care of your oral health isn’t always fun. Kids always want to try to sneak into bed without brushing their teeth. However, it is important to brush your teeth, especially when your young. To help make that morning or bedtime routine with your kids a little easier, here are a few simple tips to make brushing their teeth fun and easy.

  1. Make it fun. Whether you need to sing the ABC’s or play their favorite song while they brush their teeth, the first step is to make it an enjoyable experience. If it is simply the task you yell up the stairs at them, your kids are not going to want to do it. Be positive. Then they will look forward to or at least want to brush their teeth more than before. It will be less a chore and more fun.

  2. Choose the right toothpaste. Some children are sensitive to the type of toothpaste being used. Even though we don’t swallow toothpaste, we still taste it. The best way to make brushing an enjoyable experience is to give them toothpaste they like using, even if it means trying a few different ones out before getting the right one. Many stores carry children’s versions of toothpaste, although sometimes children may prefer the adult version. It all depends on your child.

  3. Make it a routine. The best way to get oral hygiene into children’s daily lives is to get them in the habit of a morning and evening routine. After a few weeks, when they roll out of bed in the morning, brushing their teeth, washing their face, and hopping in the shower will happen almost automatically. Plus this routine will not just promote good oral health, but can promote overall positive hygiene as well.

  4. Brush your teeth! Finally, we have all heard the familiar saying lead by example. If you don’t enjoy brushing your teeth, perhaps you should join your child in singing the ABCs or find a better toothpaste, because now more than ever you need to brush your teeth too. Your kids are watching you, and they need to see you think brushing your teeth is important.

These four simple tips should help you make that morning or bedtime routine with your kids a little easier. It is all about being positive and making brushing a fun, happy experience.

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