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Easter Candy: The Do’s and Don’ts

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to devour that giant chocolate bunny, sneak an extra jelly bean or two, and cherish that Peanut Butter Egg. It’s Easter.

Easter is such a great time of year. With the emergence of spring, what is a better way to celebrate than with chocolate and candy? However, as you prepare for easter and stock up on Peeps and chocolate treats though, you might not realize just how bad some of these candies are for your oral health

At Ask the Dentist, they came up with a comprehensive lineup of some of the best worst candies for you to eat this Easter. From Cadbury Eggs to jelly beans, these candy’s can be hard on your teeth, especially if over eaten.

Here are four things to lookout for in you Easter shopping:

  1. Food Dye. Peeps are made with food dye called yellow Number 6. Interestingly, Harvard and other accredited universities have found that this food dye can lead to and worsen symptoms of ADHD.
  2. High Fructose Corn Syrup. We all know HFCS is bad for our bodies. Since no digestion is required, the HFCS goes right to our livers to spur fat production causes dietary issues. It is especially bad if you have diabetic issues. This is important around Easter as  we often forget to check our easter candy for HFCS.
  3. Too much chocolate. While chocolate is okay and even good for you in moderation, watch out for buying and eating too much. This can be bad for both your overall and oral health. Try eating more dark chocolate if you just really don’t want to say no. Dark chocolate has been shown to be better than fluoride at strengthening your teeth.
  4. Sticky candy. Any candy that is really stick or takes a while to eat is more likely to get stuck in your teeth hurting your teeth and causing cavities. If you do want to eat sticky candy, be sure to drink lots of water and brush your teeth after to get the residual food particles left over out of your mouth.

While these are four important things to keep in mind, this is certainly not saying you should never eat Peeps or sticky candy. This is just a reminder that there is a reason Easter is only one day a year. Easter candy is great, but moderation and awareness about what you are eating  is critical to your oral and overall health.

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