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Got Floss?

Let’s face the music – no one loves to floss. Well, except maybe dentists and their friends. However, flossing is extremely important to your oral health even if you don’t want to do it.

Most people think that flossing is about taking care of your teeth and that brushing your teeth takes care of that, but flossing is actually more about your gums and taking care of them.

Often people start flossing and stop because it hurts and makes your gums bleed. However, if you floss for more than a week, your mouth and gums will become accustomed to the flossing and stop hurting and bleeding.

While it may seem like flossing is just another chore, there are actual serious reasons why flossing is important. Here are the top three reasons why you should start flossing today.

First, flossing can help dislodge food that gets trapped in the gums. When it doesn’t get removed, plaque and tartar form and build up. This is what your dentist is removing when you visit the dentist. It must be removed with a scraper.

The second reason is that this buildup can lead to further oral health complications. Not flossing will lead to gingivitis and other issues. It is such a simple thing that can be done to avoid big and expensive problems. Flossing can and will save your money.

According to the American Dental Association, you should try to clean your teeth twice a day and that includes floss. Stop waiting and pushing flossing off till tomorrow, floss today!

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