Root Canals

Root Canal Survival Guide

Do you have or think you may have a root canal? Have no fear, the root canal survival guide is here. We have everything you need to know in two minutes or less about what root canals are and the process of getting a root canal.

First and foremost, a root canal is a procedure done when the pulp in your root canal is infected and needs to be removed and replaced with other material. This will save the whole tooth from decay and your overall oral health from more issues.

Some of the various causes include poor oral health, repeated dental procedures in and around the tooth, cracks and chips, pulp damage, and just general deep decay. It is important to know that left untreated, the problem will not resolve itself, but worsen and lead to serious pain and possibly and abscess. Generally, the first sign you will see of needing a root canal will be persistent and continual inflammation as it is a sign of infection.

What happens when you have a root canal? Don’t worry, it is actually a fairly quick, easy, and painless procedure. Your dentist will simply remove the infected pulp in your root canal and the fill the area. This material will most likely be a material called gutta-percha. Then, your tooth will be restored with a normal crown or filling.

Following the procedure is when you will experience some discomfort, but this is normal. However, as a serious benefit, your tooth will be saved. You can eat and chew normally again, and your teeth will appear normally and no longer inflamed.

For a detailed perspective, you can find more information at the American Association of Endodontist, and if you have more questions that have not been answered, Dr. Masters would love to talk to you. Contact Masters Dental at 864-877-8008.

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