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Taking Care of your Dental Bridges and Crown

If you have just had a dental procedure to get a dental bridge or crown, you may be wondering how to make sure that your bridge or crown will last as long as possible. If properly taken care of, crowns and bridges can actually even potentially last a life time.

At Masters Dental, we want to make sure your dental crown or bridge lasts as long as possible, so here are two simply and easy guidelines for good oral health care and for protecting your dental crown or bridges.

First, make sure you are keeping up with your daily oral health care routine including twice daily brushing and flossing using fluoride and other approved toothpastes. This also means that you need to make sure to keep up with your dental appointments. Regular cleanings and check-ups are important. This will allow you dentist to spot a problem before it becomes serious.

Second, watch what you eat. Your crowns and bridges aren’t entirely invincible. Even superman has his kryptonite. Avoid chewing extra hard food such as chewing ice, especially near the location or your bridge or crown. Also, there is not reason to put other hard objects in your mouth. If you like to use your teeth to rip tape or open containers, this isn’t a good idea.

For more information on dental crowns and bridges, check out Colgate’s great informative website. Masters Dental is also hear to help of you have any questions.

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