General Dentistry

Masters Dental is a full service dentist office with an experienced staff prepared to ensure your optimal oral health. With a variety of services, Masters Dental aims to provide excellent service at an affordable price for all of your dental needs.

Professional Dental Cleaning

With our professional and thorough dental cleanings, we eliminate plaque and stains on your teeth to return your beautiful white smile. Our full service cleaning works to prevent gum disease and cavities, while strengthening and refreshing your teeth. Our goal is to ensure you walk out of each and every visit with a bright, radiant smile.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

Through comprehensive dental exams, we will evaluate your overall oral hygiene and look for risk factors associated with tooth decay and other oral issues. We perform a full evaluation of your mouth checking your bite, jaw, and teeth for problems. As part of our wide variety of services, we also provide cursory oral cancer screening routinely through our dental exams.

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Other services: